Candy Women Find a Husband Easier


It was observed long ago that the best way to cheer yourself up is to eat a candy or a chocolate bar. However, the scientists from the University of North Dakota have found that the taste preferences of women are directly related to how they are perceived by the people around them, especially men.

Woman with chocolate

Candy lovers turn out to be more friendly, cheerful and optimistic in the eyes of the stronger sex, if compared with the ladies, who prefer other foods.

According to one of the leading authors of the study, Professor Brian Meier, tastes – bitter, sweet, sour, spicy or salty – are something each man faces every day. And the taste of the food is actually able to influence our mood, as well as certain traits of character. During the experiment, the researchers were observing the voluntary participants, who were offered to treat themselves with a chocolate bar or a cracker – at their own discretion.

It was found that those volunteers, who had chosen the sweet, were more open in communication, more friendly and willing to help others. Men perceived these ladies as more caring and potentially more suitable as wives. Moreover, there has not been found any proven impact on the character among those, who preferred other types of tastes. However, as Professor Meier emphasizes, he and his colleagues are still not sure whether taste preferences are associated with the peculiarities of the character, or the ladies become kinder just after eating sweets.