Katy Perry Reveals the Truth about Pregnancy and Divorce

Katy Perry is a Grammy nominee, but she may well also be a winner of the Celeb Rumor Inspirers Contest. And if not for the whole year of 2011, she is sure to be a November winner… Now she has to sweat to put down the spate of rumors, for they are all UNTRUE!

Katy Perry is not pregnant

It has been circulating freely that Perry is pregnant and about to divorce – after only a year of marriage to British comedian Russell Brand. But those who wanted to have the singer’s life looking like a soap opera will be disappointed.

Addressing the fans on Twitter, Perry explained away her alleged pregnancy as predilection for fast food. As for her marriage, it is just NOT disintegrating.

The 27-year-old expressed her surprise at the rise of such absurd speculations and tagged her post as #ifihadadollarforeverytime – true, she might have become a millionaire!

Although the pop star insists that she and her hubby Brand, 36, are not expecting this year, the possibility of Perry bearing a child in the foreseeable future runs pretty high. Children, she affirmed at The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier in November, are one of the main reasons for marriage for her.

She said she expected her husband to be good in all family roles – but she is not quite sure whether the time is ripe. “We’ll see, ya know?” she concluded, promising that children will be many if they come out easily!

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