British Women Believe Myths about Contraception


Surprised by the number of unwanted pregnancies, British scientists set out to find how well women are aware about existing contraceptive methods. A poll showed that myths about contraception are still preserved despite widespread availability of various contraceptives and easy access to information about them.

Birth Control Pills

The poll involved 1000 women and revealed the following. Many women named Coca-cola as an oral contraceptive and plastic wrap as a barrier method.

More than half of respondents (53%) believe that prolonged use of contraceptive pills can lead to infertility. One in ten women said that after taking oral contraceptives, it would take a number of years to get fertility back, although experts say pregnancy can occur soon after discontinuation of the pill. 18 out of 1000 women were sure oral contraceptives could protect them against HIV.

Britain shows the greatest rate of unwanted pregnancies among European countries. According to Dr Annie Evans, Women’s Health Specialist at the Bristol Sexual Health Centre, almost half of born babies were not planned.

Researchers say women must get more information about available contraceptive methods from reliable sources intended for educational purposes.

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