American Women are Fond of Plastic Surgery


Woman Before Plastic SurgeryThe American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery indicates in the annual report, that 11.7 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the US in 2007. The cost of all of them is roughly $13.2 billion. According to the report, since 1997 surgical procedures have increased by 114%, while nonsurgical procedures rose by 754%. 18% of the procedures performed in 2007 were surgical.

The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

The most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in 2007 was liposuction: about 500 operations were performed. The next four popular operations five were breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck), and breast reduction.

The Most Popular Nonsurgical Procedures

Botox injections were absolutely on the top of the most popular nonsurgical procedures: nearly 2.8 million treatments. The next most popular were hyaluronic acid injections, but they can be hardly compared with Botox injections, as they were about half of the number of Botox procedures. The next nonsurgical procedures making the top five were laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing.

Women Are Fond of Cosmetic Procedures

The vast majority of patients going under the knife were women: 91% of the procedures (10.6 million) performed in 2007 were on female patients. Unfortunately, there were lots of women undergoing surgical cosmetic procedures only for cosmetic reasons. When will natural beauty finally be popular?


  1. i think many americans (both men and women) are just very fat and obese. This is why liposuction has become so popular

  2. This is very sad. I think, women MUST stop it and understand, that they are beautiful as they were created by nature. Plastic surgery doesn’t make one happy, it doesn’t change life for the better, it doesn’t make other people love you. They need no surgeon, but a good psychoanalyst. All they need is a higher self-esteem.

  3. Absolutely agree with Pola. It’s a pity, natural beauty doesn’t have a high rating.

  4. My mom is 48 and wants a botox injection. I totally support her, as it will make her look younger, and I don’t see any conts. Every woman has the right to change her body the way she wants, no matter if she would need surgery or not.

  5. Even in other races and cultures, plastic surgery is fast becoming a trend. In the near future, there could be specified surgical operations depending on the ethnicity.

  6. I live in America, but I’ve never met anyone that has undergone such an operation. I find it disgusting. Why would anyone have that done to their face? ew….

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