12 Myths about Women Busted


The Psychological Science has published a paper written by British psychologists which is entitled “Twelve Myths about the Weaker Sex”. It is dedicated to misconceptions about women. In this material, the experts refute the most common modern clichés about ladies.

Woman, eyeglasses, lipstick

The scientists have collected twelve myths about women. Here they are:

  • Since time immemorial men have been breadmakers in the family. It turns out that this is not true – in particular, archaeologists have discovered that in ancient times it was women who provided as much as 80% of sustenance for the tribe, and their men only occasionally hunted large animals.
  • Women have better emotional contact with their children than men. Psychological studies have shown that it is not true – it turns out that fathers talk with their children more than mothers, kiss them more often, but women react more brightly to the children’s laughter.
  • Mothers know their children by smell. And again, it is not quite true – a special experiment was held during which women were given the T-shirts in which their kids slept. The experiment has shown that mothers are absolutely incapable of recognizing their child’s smell. However, men didn’t fail to distinguish the baby smell from the smell of an older child.
  • Employed women earn less than men. According to the authors of the article, it is also a mistake. Sociological studies have shown that in Europe 60% of women have higher salaries than men.
  • Women are not so aggressive as men. This myth is refuted by the statistics of crimes: for example, the number of women who kill their spouses in domestic quarrels is significantly larger than that of men.
  • Women are more vulnerable than men, and their powers of endurance are lower. As the psychologists point out, a variety of studies show that the powers of endurance of the fairer sex are higher: they overcome stress with less grave consequences, they are more tenacious and feel easier to face the trials of life.

Among other myths, the scientists have pointed out the belief that women cannot stand pain as good as men, that they are more prone to cleanliness, do not like pornography, get sexually excited slower than men, have better intuition and are less capable of discoveries and inventions than men, as The Psychological Science journal informs.

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