Riddle about Cinderella


Some of you were really missing brain games, according to the messages you sent me. So, here’s the new brainteaser, try to solve it! The wicked stepmother gave the following task to Cinderella: she had to sort a sack of tomatoes – ripe tomatoes to the right and unripe ones to the left – in a minute. But Cinderella was very smart, so she did this easily. How?


Please, if you want to solve the riddle yourself, be careful and do not read the comments to this brainteaser, there can be some who already wrote the solution. You will find the answer in the next brain game. You are always welcome to ask questions about the task, in case something is not clear. But sorry, I will not answer leading questions.

The answer to the previous riddle is to fire the cord from both ends, it was easy for you, Amanda, Space Cowboy, Nick, Stygyan, Russel, Stefvi, Sequoian! Well done! Now try the new one.


  1. I’m guessing she threw the potatoes in the water, those that float are the ripe ones.

    P.S. i just discovered this site and thank you for sharing. 😛

  2. I know it! Actualy my mom helped me… But still: Cinderella put all the tomatoes into water. The ripe tomatoes sank, the “green” tomatoes – not.

  3. My guess is that ripe tomatoes are heavier than unripe ones so if put in water the ripe ones would be at the bottom and the green ones on top of them.

  4. Hi, everybody, I’m keeping your comments with correct answers unpublished now just not to spoil it for others, but soon they will appear. I wish you all good luck!

  5. Thanks for the new puzzle.
    There are actually four different ways of sorting ripe from unripe tomatoes:
    1. Unripe tomatoes, “green”, will sink in water, while ripe tomatoes will not. This is the commercial way of sorting them. 2. The stems of ripe tomatoes will easily detach from the fruit. Stems from unripe tomatoes will not do this easily. 3 Simply smell them – ripe tomatoes smell like tomatoes, unripe ones do really not smell of anything. 4. This is too obvious – unripe tomatoes are usually green, ripe ones are usually red, but some heirloom tomatoes are always green. Since she only had a minute, answer number 4 is probably what is being looked for.

  6. I just found a more practical way (If Cinderella was indeed such a smart cookie). She hands the bag to Prince Charming and tells him to sort the tomatoes into two piles – ripe and unripe within thirty seconds or he does not get any nookie for a week.

  7. Good question :o) I guess if she threw all tomatoes to water, ripe ones would go down while unripe ones would be above.

  8. What about the colors of the tomatoes? red ones are normally ripe and green ones are… green

  9. With so many people suggesting that unripe tomatoes will float and ripe ones will sink I just performed an experiment to verify my previous post. My results show that RIPE tomatoes FLOAT and UNRIPE SINK.

  10. She put tomatoes to water, ripe would float, unripe would sink.

    I didn’t read the thread, I swear….. I used to work with veggies 🙂

  11. haha. Its just now that I realized my mistake (potatoes for tomatoes) and am really wondering where I got that. But generally I think that’s what happens with raw food, fresh floats, rotten sinks.

  12. She put all tomatoes to either the left or right then took out the relevant color and put them to the other side be it left or right. Relevant color meaning green for unripe and red for ripe.

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