Brain Game. Children in Kindergarten


Little Girl, Brain GameGeniusbeauty is going on publishing brain games. The following task is given to children in kindergartens. If the kid gives the right answer, they are admitted to kindergarten. But many adults fail in solving it. Try yourself, would you be admitted? 🙂

Here is the task:
Find the right number. And comment, why it should be there, explain the logic.

Please, if you want to find the result yourself, do not look at the comments of this post, because the correct answers can be written there. Good luck!


  1. The answer is the number of circles to the left of the equals sign. So 49+16=2. Nice puzzle!

  2. Nitwits. No matter what the question is, they are all matters of simple addition to which they all have the WRONG answer. Now, go back and add the numbers.
    What’s on each side of the equals sign MUST balance with what’s on each side. Period. ELTON

  3. One other trhing to this foolishness. Whose the idiot who expects children of Kindergarten age to do ANY of this stuff???? I say; “send him or her to Kindergarten in hopes that they might learn something”.

  4. Great game! Really had to think about it until I realized that kids entering kidnergarten have to know basic things, like shapes and colors. Very entertaining.

  5. The published answer is wrong because no circles appear anywhere. The correct answer counts closed loops on the left of the equals sign.

  6. I am sorry, I really do not get it, can someone explain more in detail. How do those numbers equal 2, or 3 or 1? What circles? Just curious. Thanks.

  7. Wait…the circles in the numbers…..for instance, in the number 8, there are 2 circles…In the number 6 there is 1 circle….Correct? That makes Kindergarten sense! Cool.

  8. If they’re already in kindergarten, why do they have to take this to get into kindergarten? Also, outside of lame private schools where you pay thousands of dollars for the same education that you’d get in a public school but comes with a status tag for the parents, who gives admission tests for kindergarten?

  9. RinaRay, that’s right now!

    Elton, just imagine, you’ve got a rebus or an iq test with examples, which you should use as a basis to solve. This rebus is the same, but is created for children with their imagination – they don’t see numbers, they see shapes. And normally they can count at least to 5, this means, that they can count these loops, or circles, or whatever. Exactly a child’s imagination can solve this, and I must say, better than any adult. And exactly child’s logic is needed here. Elton, please, don’t take it too serious, it’s just entertainment, relax!

    Joy, thanks!

    Whitesmith, tell me, please, what does a closed loop form?

  10. indeed, 6 is the most correct answer, the path of the questions are how we sense the maximum to reach th number of 6
    kindergarten awesome

  11. Completely no sense, kids goes to kindergarten to learn to communicate how can you give an iq test to an almost baby? I don’t think a toddler can be classified as stupid or smart, for god sake they’re kids!!!

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