Women Are Less Happy in Marriage


Married CoupleMarried women are often less happy than their husbands because they are more tolerant and sacrifice a lot to save the family. The statement has been recently made by professor Peter Thompson from Florida International University, USA. According to Thompson, men do not necessarily keep their promises to change their ways for the family’s sake, so women suffer.

Unhappy marriage is where characters for Desperate Housewives television series come from – married women begin to cheat on their partners, open bank accounts secretly, make new friends or look for a better job. The professor says this kind of behavior is better than divorce. Moreover, it is a weapon women could use against their “wrong” husbands.

By the way, psychology professor John Gotman and mathematics professor James Murrey from University of Washington have recently derived a formula calculating marriage longevity. Observing 700 of married couples over 10 years, they were able to create a model that predicts the divorce in 95 out of 100 cases. The model analyzes disagreements between partners. It turned out that “long-living” couples joked, laughed and showed attachment to each other even in serious disputes. While the partners who eventually divorced were usually mad with each other using offensive language and aggressive gestures.