Why Do Women Drink Alcohol Before Sex?


Millions of women drink alcohol before having sex. Some women never had sexual intercourse sober, and about 14 per cent refuse to get into bed with their partner without being high on alcohol. Why is this?

Drinking Woman

Trying to establish the link between alcohol drinking and sexual habits, British researchers surveyed about 3000 women. They found that 75 per cent of women preferred to drink one or two glasses of wine before getting into bed with their husband or boyfriend. 6 per cent never had sex sober. Women explained that alcohol helped them shake off their complexes and feel more uninhibited.

A representative of cosmetics company Femfresh that funded the survey, Kathryn Lakeland, reported low self-esteem was a major problem in most women. She said the survey clearly showed that today’s British women frightfully lack self-confidence. The fact that alcohol is so important in women’s sexual life suggests that they use it as a boost for their confidence once they find themselves in bedroom with men. Although a lot of women said that alcohol drinking was the part of dating process, in reality, most of them won’t step in the bedroom without having some alcohol to prop up the courage.

This tells us women can’t fully enjoy themselves unless something helps them to get rid of their inhibitions.  In doing so, women, however, risk to lose self-control. The study found that on average women had sex with eight partners, but were drunk on five occasions. On two out of five occasions, they couldn’t even remember the partner’s name the next morning. Every sixth woman admitted she had not enough courage to have sex without getting drunk.

Source of the image: sxc.hu/profile/luisrock62.