Why do Americans get Divorced?


American scientists have put forward their own version why couples get divorced.


According to the study they conducted that was reported in the news review of the journal Science, majority of Americans now get divorced because of dissatisfaction with their sex lives. After surveying some hundred partners, the experts came to an interesting conclusion: it turns out that the sexual life of spouses in most cases is unsuccessful due to differences in biorhythms: when the husband is a “lark”, and his wife is a “night owl” or on the contrary.

Such discrepancies in biological rhythms lead to the fact that the spouses experience peak concentrations of sex hormones in absolutely different times: sexual activity in “larks” declines in the morning, while “night owls” are ready to have sex only during the day or evening.

It is startling that according to the results obtained by the scientists, a whole of 90% of couples in the US decide to divorce precisely because of discrepancy between their sexual schedules.

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