Who Spots Cheating Better?


Who Detects Cheating Better, Men or Women? Do you think men or women are better at judging fidelity? The scientists have paradoxically concluded that men are more sophisticated at detecting infidelity of their partners than women, though the latter, according to the previous studies, are better at concealing illicit liaisons. Men are also more likely to suspect even their innocent-of-any-wrong-doing spouses.

The scientists at Virginia Commonwealth University confidentially questioned 203 heterosexual couples about their fidelity and got the following results. Despite men cheat more often than women – 29 percent compared to 18.5 percent – they proved at the same time to be better at catching a cheating other half.

Women were right in their guesses about their partner’s infidelity in 80% of cases, but men were shrewder, tracking a cheating partner in 94% of cases. The same study showed men were not mysterious about their cheating while women were trying to keep it under wraps.

The findings published in Human Nature magazine contribute to the theory that men developed the sense of alertness towards their partners through the evolution because they couldn’t be certain if the baby is theirs.


  1. I think women are much slier than most men. It’s nature. We can lie better and we can understand faster when we are lied to including cheating husbands and bfs.

  2. At the same time women show their emotions much more than men, and that makes cheating extremely risky because women show they are happy.

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