What are Men Able to Understand?


After a simple experiment, American psychologists found that men are usually able to recognize sex appeal that comes from a woman, but in rare cases can understand when the woman is refusing them.  This was written in the news review of Science journal.

Women's Emotions

During the study, the researchers showed men various women’s photographs in which models were shown at full height with very different facial expressions and gestures. The participants were asked to assess whether there is a sexual appeal from the girl in the photo or whether she does not agree with anything. It is curious that the men very well handled the part of the task where they were required to determine that a woman is ready for sex.

However, only those men who were in long-term romantic relationships or marriage unmistakably defined as “refusal“. Inexperienced participants in the study are faced with great difficulties in understanding, how a lady looks, when she is not in the right mood.

The authors of the experiment argue that this phenomenon stems from the fact that the long romantic alliance helps men better understand the external manifestation of women’s emotions – hence such men are much less likely to exhibit sexual aggression, as they can “read” to know when a woman is refusing them.

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