What Kind Of Person Will Your Daughter Become?


British psychologists carried out a research into how childhood bonds affect the person of a woman in adulthood, The Psychological Science reports.


They used their findings to divide women into four groups depending on what kind of bond they developed in childhood. Check these groups below.
1. Dad’s daughters. They grow into self-confident, success-oriented women who get along with men well, but tend to be too emotional and capricious.
2. Mom’s daughters. Mom’s daughters are likely to become the most feminine of all. They tend to be more responsible as adults but are shy and have difficulties coping with personal problems.
3. Grandmom’s grand-daughters. They will likely to become idealists who are very exacting about themselves and the others, preserving that all-or nothing childish attitude.
4. Granddad’s grand-daughters. This type tends to grow into understanding and compassionate persons but suffer from low self-esteem throughout their adulthood.

Source of the image: Photl.com.