What Annoys Women about Male Kitchen Habits


What Annoys Women about Male Kitchen HabitsCouples often fight about daily household issues. She just wants him to clear away dishes after the meal while he wants nobody to bother him when he’s watching TV during the meal. British physiologists have conducted a poll to find out what annoys women about male behavior in the kitchen. Now, you might recognize some “items” that annoy you.

32% of women hate it when men litter the kitchen while they are cooking. 30% of women can’t stand when their husbands leave unwashed dishes in the sink. 19 % of women quarrel with men about overflowing garbage cans, and 16% – about not putting food in the fridge.

It turns out that 85% of women are unhappy about their husbands’ kitchen habits.

It annoys most women that their husbands can sit at the computer or drink beer after work while they have to do the cleaning, ironing and cooking. And what annoys you about your husband’s behavior?


  1. I hate it, when my husband leaves dirty cups on the table instead of at least bringing them to the kitchen (not to speak of washing the cup…)

  2. It irritates me when he leaves bread just lie without covering it with anything (plastic bag or foil), so that it simply dries and noone can eat it anymore. He doesn’t care about anything concerning chores. Men in general don’t care – they have their wives and their wives act as “nurses” for men – they prepare food, wash the dishes, wash the table after the meals and keep the rest of the food in normal conditions. That’s right – they are indeed like children! I hate this male trait.

  3. I hate it too, but maybe it’s us women who made men so. I mean we take care of them too much when we love them and they use it and after they simply don’t help with the chores and take everything as granted.

  4. I sympathize with all you girls, but my husband often helps me with all those househol issues. Did you try to ask your husband to help you instead of saying he’s such an irresponsible, caring-about-nothing man? This could really help.

  5. Ladies, Ladies….

    whew some of that stuff IS harsh… me? My world is a LOT different. I would love to meet a woman who would at least put her own plate in the diswasher or maybe help make the kids lunches. I personally make and clean up after ninety-five plus per cent of our family meals. My wife’s mother made her so uncomfortable in the kitchen, (she could never do anything right) that when she discovered I could handle the kitchen she bailed out of the kitchen…now I am the one who cant do anything right. This plate isnt set right in the dishwasher, this lettuce isnt perfect enough, this egg is too runny, don’t use olive oil butter tastes better…. etc etc… sigh…

    I do absolutely agree with Barbara….speak up… and keep speaking up until your guy realizes that this xyz thing is a priority for you AND (this is one common feminine failing) be willing to do something that is a priority for him. Try this phrase… it is one I would kill to have my wife use… “honey, if you do this for me I will do this (other thing) for you” AND make that one of his priorities. If you dont know what that might be, Ask!

    Male and female we could have better lives if we acknowledged the gender differences as well as the similarities AND communicated about them. Those differences can be very useful, and complimentary not to mention fun…

  6. Karagee, your wife is so lucky that you CAN and DO all this, but it’s time for her to learn all this and help you. She’s a woman after all!

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