What Annoys Women about Male Kitchen Habits


What Annoys Women about Male Kitchen HabitsCouples often fight about daily household issues. She just wants him to clear away dishes after the meal while he wants nobody to bother him when he’s watching TV during the meal. British physiologists have conducted a poll to find out what annoys women about male behavior in the kitchen. Now, you might recognize some “items” that annoy you.

32% of women hate it when men litter the kitchen while they are cooking. 30% of women can’t stand when their husbands leave unwashed dishes in the sink. 19 % of women quarrel with men about overflowing garbage cans, and 16% – about not putting food in the fridge.

It turns out that 85% of women are unhappy about their husbands’ kitchen habits.

It annoys most women that their husbands can sit at the computer or drink beer after work while they have to do the cleaning, ironing and cooking. And what annoys you about your husband’s behavior?