Is Trying to Change Man's Bad Habits Worth It?


Socks scattered around the room, evening gatherings with friends, unwashed dishes – the reasons for irritation can be numerous. But is it worth to fight with men’s weaknesses?

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When the first wave of euphoria from cohabitation fades, you start noticing flaws in your “ideal” man.

Man and order in the house

As soon as you start living together, there appears a pile of socks in the corner of the bed and some rumpled T-shirts on the chair. And thank God if socks are only in the corner. And what if they are all over the place? Dealing with this habit is like banging your head against the wall. But you can try. Place the socks on your man’s territory. He will certainly be surprised to see a pile of socks in his favorite chair, but you will immediately explain the reason to him. Next time he will put them into the dirty clothes basket.

Household chores

Many women create problems by taking on all the household chores, telling the man he does them “wrong”. He washed the dishes, but left the sink dirty; repaired the faucet, but did not put away the tools and so on. But is it really better to do everything yourself? Try to explain to the beloved that he had better carry things through. If it does not work, look at the situation from the other angle – he really helped. Not fully, but so what?

Your men’s friends

Every Friday, he has a beer and watches a game at a sports bar with friends, and you are, of course, angry and jealous. However, a man has to feel like a member of a big “gang” to raise his self-esteem. Do not try to prevent this. If he wants to hang out with his friends, why don’t you go to a cafe with some friends of yours, too? Do not sit at home, find an entertainment, and in the evening share news and gossips with each other.

Your man falls asleep immediately after sex

Men’s biggest disadvantage in bed is the habit of turning away and falling asleep immediately after sex. But that’s okay, and it shouldn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Men just perceive sex as a way to relax and relieve stress. After it, they prefer to disconnect from the world and fall sleep blissfully. And this has to be tolerated. The only thing you can do is to ask him to sleep embracing you.