The Secret of Attractive Faces Revealed


Attractiveness of human faces has become an object of research for the experts from the University of Bristol. The experts concluded that the mechanism of perceiving attractiveness by the human consciousness has the same nature as the perception of superiority.


This opinion of the researchers may explain why people with an attractive appearance attract others. Beauty, as scientists believe, not only satisfies the aesthetic needs, but is also related to the social nature of society.

Experts believe that facial attractiveness is determined by the degree of approximation to the type of appearance, which is highly approved by the group to which the evaluating person belongs. The higher this degree is the more beautiful appearance one is supposed to have. The factors of this appeal are not some features of the exterior; instead, these are the efforts expended to meet the socially acceptable “standard.”

Signs of appeal must be sought not in the complexion, hair, or eyes; it should be found in the social value of a certain trait that serves as the sign of appeal because society has the ability to approve or disapprove a particular social group. This is the opinion the doctors have shared on the pages of the International Journal of Primatology.