How Many Sexual Partners Do We Need?


How many lovers have you had? A kind of question that never gets boring, right? One brags about it, exaggerating the number of lovers, the other is happy being married, and there are some people who never talk about it. All this confusion makes us ask ourselves again and again, how many sex partners do we need to have in our life to be happy?

Sexual Partners

This question drew a lot of interest from researchers. In 2005, Durex conducted a poll that revealed an average man had 12 partners over the life course, while a typical woman had 7.  It also showed creative persons had 3-4 times as many partners as people who are engaged in manual labor had.

Another study carried out by British sociologists states a person, on average, has sex with ten different partners over the lifetime. Speaking of nations, Chinese are in the lead with an average of 19 sexual partners, while the list is rounded up by Vietnamese who have no more than three partners during their life.

Women basically don’t like to talk about how many partners they had, but they clearly remember them all.

Men are different. When asked about sexual partners, they give a rough number, tending to round it up.

Cambridge economists, David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald, used brainy calculations to establish that the optimal number of sexual partners should be one per year. They also estimated a monetary equivalent to the happiness of having regular sex, which is $50,000. So the rich actually can’t buy more sex, or more sexual partners.

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