Sex without Condom Is Good for Your Brain


Having sex without a condom is beneficial for your mental health, according to a shocking study, conducted by a leading Scottish psychologist Stuart Brody from the West of Scotland University. He concluded that unprotected heterosexual intercourse can immensely improve men and women’s mental health. Mr. Brody further argues that, conversely, sex with a condom is linked to worse mental health, stresses and depression. Such claims immediately drew anger from sexual health advocates who warned once again that unprotected sex leads to unwanted pregnancies and diseases.

Thinking Couple in Bed

Professor Brody argues that we are naturally programmed to get pleasure out of unprotected sex. He says it is so because this kind of sex gives couples evolutionary advantages like more chances of reproducing. His conclusions were published in Archives of Sexual Behaviour. Brody said: “Evolution is not politically correct, so of the very broad range of potential sexual behaviour, there is actually only one that is consistently associated with better physical and mental health and that is the one sexual behaviour that would be favoured by evolution. That is not accidental.”

The professor based his conclusions on a study of the sexual heavier of 99 women and 11 men in Portugal. They were asked to fill in questionnaires with questions about pleasure they get out of their sexual life and the use of contraception. Using a scale for psychological health developed in Canada, Brody inferred that using a condom was associated for the respondents with stress. Those who had unprotected sex were better at dealing with stress. They also enjoyed better mental health.

Tony Kerridge of Marie Stopes International, the leading sexual health and reproductive health organization, said on the study: “I would have thought that the mental health of anyone would be tested if they found out they had a sexually transmitted disease or that there was an unwanted pregnancy.

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