One Night Stands Cause Depressions


According to Dr. Melina Bersamin from the University of California (USA), those who often practice one night stands have higher rates of general and social anxiety.


She conducted a survey of 3,900 students. Some of them had sex with a person whom they were familiar with for less than a week. 11% of the participants were engaged in such activity during the previous month. It happened that one night stands affected not only women but men as well, although the stereotype says that they should welcome a large number of partners. Still, the survey showed that the negative effect was observed in both sexes. It turned out that only a small part of the fans of free relationship truly desired it. A much bigger part of them were just trying to find their ideal in this way.

By the way, according to statistics, women were more likely to have multiple sexual relationships if they were addicted to marijuana. Thus, according to the Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine at the Miriam Hospital, the students who smoked cannabis in the first year found it easier to start a sexual contact.