Men's View of an Ideal Wife


Men's View of a Good WifeJust a few decades ago, feminists could only dream of gender equality. While their dreams have come true today, the men’s view of the ideal housewife hardly changed. According the latest poll, most men want to have a “traditional” wife who would make a great housewife. As for women, they want men respect their opinion and support the family financially.

Most Important Wife’s Quality

The data was received during the poll conducted by Yorkshire sociologists that involved 1 500 people. When asked – what are the most important qualities of the spouse? – 44% of men said it was caring for household, 39% said it was cooking abilities. Only 16% said it was financial independence.

Most Important Husband’s Quality

When asked the same question, 41% of women said it was the ability of the spouse to respect their opinion. 38% said the most important quality was the financial state of their husband.

How Men Should Be

The most important quality of man from female perspective:

  • Respect for woman’s opinion – 41%
  • Financial state – 38%
  • Being a good father – 27%
  • Gardening – 25%
  • The priority of the family – 22%.

How Women Should Be

The most important quality of women from male perspective:

  • Caring for household – 44%
  • Cooking – 39%
  • Cleaning – 33%
  • Being a good mother – 31%
  • Respect for men’s opinion – 31%.

Modern Woman or “Traditional” Woman?

But can modern women be the ideal housewives for their men? Can we compromise our career and goals to please our husband and become a “traditional” wife?


  1. Persephone you sound more like a dog than a women without a thought in your head. It also become increasingly clear to me that if  you do have a doctorate in science it must be a science deeply entrenched with androcentrism ideals. Im pretty sure its women like you who set the rest of us women back about 100 years and comments like that would be enough to cause Elizabeth Stanton to role over in her grave. 

  2. an ideal wife means who take care his husband and all familly member and also caring hoese keeping.

  3. When I ventured onto this website and read all the comments, I couldn’t help but laugh. Obbop, I am not going to ask you why you think this way, or tell you that you need to stop your way of thinking (because obviously that would be a waste of breath). However I do disagree with you. I’m not saying that I don’t see your point, because I do. There are many women that I know that are extremely….ditzy. (just so you know I am a woman) For example, many of the women I know can’t tell you a thing about a car…except that “it can get you places”. I’m not saying I’m an expert but I can change out a flat tire, clean out the radiator, change the oil…well you get the idea….Anyway the reason I disagree with you is because your saying that they should be treated like “property” which is wrong. It’s not like these women are mentaly retarted, they have the same mental capability as men do.

  4. Hey, Obop, I can tell you why women are so offended at your stated belief that females should be viewed as property.

    In the Anglosphere, men are viewed as property. Yet, for reasons you stated so well few women understand this is the case.

    I could discuss the large amount of money paid by men to their equals (hee, hee) in child support and alimony.

    But, it is more direct to point out that women in the US, according to marketing people, spend all their own earnings, plus 50% of all money earned by men. In passing, let me point out that the dear little piggies still want some sort of pay equity, even though they work many less hours, but you can be sure they are not going to stop taking 50% of all male income.

    And, to make this clear, I am saying it is 50% of ALL male income, including large numbers of men who aren’t attached and don’t give any money to women. So, you can be sure if married men want to live in their own house, they had better turn over the whole check ASAP.

    In a system which treats men as property so totally that women spend 50% of all male income, you suggest we somehow reverse things and make women property? Funny.

    You know who I am, but the women don’t. I am living in Mexico, married to a Mexican woman 35 years. And, I am the guy who wrote that you can tell an American Woman from a Mexican woman ten meters away by the angry look on the face of the AW.

  5. This is my opinion. women- don’t react! what they’re saying about us is a load of old bullshit and they know that.Just live your lives knowing that you are capable of doing anything you desire. They love it when they get a reaction. I’m off to med school next week :). I’m so excited but also worried i wont be able to cope with the responsibilties required in adult society. (yano cos according to men i wont be able to LMAO) Before some moron comments-I know this is a reaction.

  6. I think everyone is taking what Obbop in the wrong way. I read Obbop’s post several time, and I actually understand and agree to his statements. Here is why…since the women’s movement, women have gained equality in all walks of life, but their expectations of how men should treat them has not changed. In fact, women challenge men in every walk of life…it is human nature that when given some power, we all want to excercise it for our own selfish needs. I am speaking from expereince. I am female, have two masters degress, and am in a marriage that is falling apart. What happended? Well to bluntly put it, I stripped my husband’s ability to be a husband. I was too independent, too accomplished, and really didn’t need him for much else than to have sex with….but wait, I also had many options on whom to have sex with…really I let my husband feel un-needed. Men, when needed by their women, are amazing. They have fragile egos…and we women take a massive toll on their egos when we want to act like one of the boys….how un-sexy and unappealing is that. We as a society, I believe, have lost the art of femenism….we as animals all play a role with eachother…men are supposed to be men. Their physical power, mental reasoning abilities, and stregnth can only be realized if we women appreciate and respect that these things are best left to a man. I am not saying that women can’t be just as good or even better….we can, but we can’t turn around and complain that we are unhappy with our relationships. I guess the verbage used by Obbop is a little strong. But there is nothing wrong with being a wife that obeys her husband….in reality, he turns around and obeys her as well in so many wonderful ways. It is the nature of the chemistry of a man and women. We women are now in places men should be, we compete too much against them and still expect them to nurture and treat us as gental females…..wake up people, there are laws in nature that the western civilization has been ignoring forever! Take a look at history…all those “super accomplished” women don’t exactly have peaceful loving homes or husbands….all the fairy tale endings stories you hear are about women who submit to their husbands masculintity. Submitting to a man is not a bad thing….it is like saying, “I trust you to love me, provide for me, take care of me, and be my protector”….how amazingly powerful anyone would feel to have someone submit to them…and a male’s ego is 100x’s more likely to be affected by this than a woman’s!!

    *excuse all the typos…on a train right now!

  7. I posted a message back on April 6, 2010, and I am glad to see a progression in this discussion. It is amusing that I was told I was “more like a dog than a women without a thought in your head” (JP’s message, April 13, 2010) I already mentioned I have a PhD in science, and I am glad I can go to work during the day, work hard to prove myself to other scientists, educate younger scientists, discuss complex issues my co-workers, then go home in the evening and be someone complete different: a happy and submissive wife, constantly flaunting my eagerness to treat him like a king, complimenting him where appropriate, and reminding him that I depend on him greatly for happiness and emotional well-being.

    Why do I choose to be this way? The reason is simple: what man wouldn’t want an intelligent woman who can think for herself, but listens to him anyways? The reply by Monica (October 26, 2010) is right: “men, when needed by their women, are amazing.” Monica, I feel sorry for you, that you are struggling through your marriage. I hope things have improved since your latest post. Truth is, I see similar things happen to my female co-works all the time: men feel un-needed, discouraged, and leave them.

    I don’t mind being called a “dog” or whatever insults that a feminist such as JP might say. I know that I have a happy marriage, and moreover, a husband who appreciates that I give 100% of myself to him, including my obedience. A man like my husband can have a good and healthy ego, work hard at his job, if he knows he’s going home in the evening to a submissive wife who loves and needs him.

    On a separate topic, I would like to respond to the message of dou demo ii (July 3, 2010). In the last 2 sentences you wrote, you said that women should not be treated as property because “it’s not like these women are mentaly retarted”. I don’t quite agree with the overall attitude that if you are someone’s “property”, then you must be somehow dumb or unable to think for yourself. On the contrary, my question is, why would anyone want a stupid woman as “property”? If I was a man, I would want my female property to be intelligent… because I can’t always be around to take care of her, or tell her what to do. I would want to know that she can take care of herself in my absence, or better yet, provide intelligent assistance when I need help with something.
    Dumb women do not make particularly desirable property, I think.

  8. This is fun. So many people played into obo’s hand by acting out emotionally. obie, you’re a funny man. Ladies calm down, even if he is serious the world and its societies are making attempts to distance their views from mmmbops delusional ideas, with our own doing a fairly decent, though not entirely successful, job. I mean you’re all able to share your ideas and responses here aren’t you? It’s safe to say there are plenty of countries where neither a man nor a woman could express their thoughts due to laws or lack of a computer. In fact in some areas of the world cultures are more concerned with working together to survive rather than fight on whose better. Men are naturally stronger and meant to do physically challenging tasks, and woman are life givers (pretty big responsibility don’t you think?) And of course there are exceptions, everyone’s unique in one way or another, no two people are exactly the same. Which brings me to my last point, and the point of this article. The best couples are the ones that complement each other the best. There’s no percentage you can put on that, everyone is built in their own way, they work at being who they are and becoming who they want. That’s why we go through relationships and the people around us grow and change as much as we do. So obi wan ( i dont think ive used that nickname yet) would be perfectly complemented by a 1940’s housewife. You may not like it, but they would be the perfect couple. As would a man and woman who equally respect each other and share household chores and financial responsibility. Now as the name says, it’s late, so go find the person that compliments you best, which from what i can tell would not be Obbop for most of you.

  9. Persephone I understand what you are saying. However, I have met many men who think women are under them (no pun intended). They treat women like they don’t have a shred of common sense.When people think that another is beneath them, they will end up treating that person unfairly. For example, I have a friend who is completely submissive to her partner, she does everything her man orders her to (and yes he ORDERS her, not asks.) He has beaten her in the past and when I talk to her about it she tells me she must have diserved it. He treats her like property and she lets him. For people to be treated as property that means that the person thinks that the “property” is less than equal maybe even less than human. As for the whole women need to be submissive so her man can keep his ego, I call bull crap. If men have such fragile egos that the fact that women are actually equal to man can undo them, then more fool to them.

  10. This a very old thread but nonetheless I read it anyway.  All these words that are being thrown around are quite archaic.  if mens egos are so fragile maybe they are the ones who need the help, why is it so threatening that a woman might be able to do what they do?  anyway, obedients is a load of crap NO ONE is a slave, we abolished that remember?  maybe we should just treat our significant others like they are special, whether they are men or women and that include a variety of things.  Maybe that is what everyone is missing here and maybe there would be less divorce because of it.  treating me like I am property doesn’t sound very reasonable, fun, or enlightened, but treating each other like we are queens and.  kings may just be.   after all, who doesn’t like being complimented and understood and treated like we matter to them!  

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