Job and Sex


One of the editions of Psicologia e Salute journal writes about an interesting study conducted by American psychologists. Scientists set out to clarify the relationship between a profession and sexuality and they were successful in doing so.


It turns out that the chosen life work can directly affect the emergence of libido. For example, managers who are used to controlling people at work squander their main energy, including sexual energy at the workplace and this not only harms the nervous system but also affects their behavior in bed where they, according to the study’s authors, lose sensitivity to their partner.

Politicians and public figures, according to the psychologists crave for a large number of partners but are unable to stay with them for a long time; their sexual act lasts quickly – as if they are “rushing” to move to the next item.

According to the authors, psychologists, lawyers and doctors by profession are cautious people and transfer their cautiousness into sexual relationships. Out of caution, members of these professions typically never take the initiative, and in bed try before satisfying a partner.

Having studied the sexuality of military men and athletes, the psychologists concluded that people in these professions relate to intimacy extremely easy: if it is present then fine, but abstinence does not frighten them; among other things, they are straight, and any flirt is perceived as a direct appeal to sex.

And artists and representatives of other creative professions are people who are disgusted by usual sex: they are in perpetual search for emotions and sensations and so often change their partners in bed, typically as big entertainers.

Source of the image: Photl