How to Avoid Vacation Arguments


Tickets, suitcases, quarrels – 60% of couples have a joint vacation according to this scenario. Moreover, not only married couples go through this, but also those who first decided to spend a holiday together. How to relax together without scandals and controversies?


The first vacation together

Usually girls tell others about the first joint vacation gushingly and full of hope. After all, the suggestion for a joint vacation comes at the peak of the Romance stage when hormones go wild, and life together is seen through rose-colored glasses. In this case, a vacation together is not just rest, but also an experiment.

Be prepared for surprises

An average couple goes for their first joint vacation after a six-month relationship with dates twice a week. So take the trip as a chance to test the relations and a good way to know a person. He may turn out not the one you have pictured.

When you are going on a vacation together, give up any expectations about the partner. Just watch him, studying his habits and reactions. Be ready for a discovery. Do not discard the fact that the first trip can become the final one. You may return from the vacation no longer a couple. Do not be afraid of it: it’ll mean that you’ll have made timely conclusions. You will save time – a very important resource.

However, do not think about bad things before the trip – for many couples, the first joint vacation becomes a step to the future life together.

Travel with friends

It may first sound like a crazy idea – you have dreamed of enjoying time spent only with each other for 2 weeks, and going with a noisy company where you will hardly be able to get all his attention is not what you wanted at all. However, his friends will show who he really is. They have long known him, and he will behave naturally in front of them. Besides, at the Romance stage of your relationship, any person will try to seem better that they really are.

By the way, friends can reveal his attitude to alcohol – if the company likes drinking hard, they will unlikely give up this habit because of his new girlfriend.

No lazy vacation

An “all inclusive” resort offers ​​an unnatural environment, where it will be difficult to get to know your partner better. Choose a scenario where every day is different. It is important to avoid standard situations with prescribed rules and no initiative. Let it be an independently planned vacation – for you to take decisions without guides and animators.

The exception is when both of you have had a tough year. If you are exhausted and in no mood for sightseeing, the only common wish may be many hours of sleep with short breaks for sex and sunbathing, especially if your vacation is not more than a week.

Otherwise, you can stay in an apartment, not a hotel. In this format, it is easier to watch your partner in everyday life. Even breakfasts will show it. You will see him in household. Breakfasts together are important – whether you have them in a coffee shop across the street, or one of you brings fresh coffee and warm croissants to bed.

In fact, first breakfasts will show how you will begin your Saturdays and Sundays in the future and if you are ready for compromises.

Seasoned travelers

In fact, for couples who have traveled together many times, a vacation is a good way to take a break from the routine. However, romance is often displaced by clashes and quarrels, from small ones – like the choice of restaurant or an excursion, to global issues, like jealousy. To avoid them, remember a few rules.

Plan your vacation in advance

Discuss the vacation while still in the city. It will help to avoid quarrels when choosing leisure activities at the resort. Before traveling, tell your partner about your ideal vacation. For example, you dream of a convertible and shopping in Milan, instead you can learn that he dreams about rafting. The balance of interests can help relax together without scandals. Decide why you are going – for a beach vacation, shopping, or historical tours. Settle that you will devote two days, say, to shopping, three –to the sea. Let the man plan a few days. Think of the routes that both of you will be interested in.

Discuss expenses

Having estimated the total budget of the trip, discuss not only the basic expenses (food, entertainment, souvenirs), but also the unplanned ones. Tell your partner honestly that you, for example, cannot resist shopping in boutiques, so that you will take extra money for this. Another option is to save a little before the trip and create a small stash of which the man does not need to know.

Leave some time for yourself

Spending all day on holiday together is a wrong strategy. Personal space is important. The desire to spend some time alone is called personal space. It needs to be accepted without objections. You can spend your free time productively: say, visit a SPA-salon or have an exotic massage session.

Be loyal to each other

A vacation may reveal many relationship problems, which can make us lose control. Jealousy, alcohol, long preparations – all these can cause a quarrel. Be loyal to your partner’s weaknesses: knowing, for example, that your partner keeps scattering things around, do not blame him for the mess in the room. Relax and let the partner do the same.

Discuss plans rather than routine

Topics like bathroom renovation or marriage can wait until your return – do not spoil the holiday with conversations that can annoy your partner. Better discuss your next trip or the locals’ everyday life, a book you have recently read or some romantic episodes – all that brings you closer and does not spoil the mood.

Have a successful vacation!