Gentlemen are Non-Existent, 20 Per Cent of Women Believe


Men seem to have killed belief in the very existence of a gentleman in twenty per cent of women – according to a recent poll of 3,000 people of both sexes conducted by


Summing up the results, a spokesperson for said: “Traditionally, men were the ones who held doors open for their partner, paid the bill on a date and were even supposed to walk on the side of the pavement which is closest to the road. But it seems this has become a thing of the past and the traditional gentleman is a dying breed.”

Well, the traditional gentleman may be a thing of the past, but what do today’s ladies expect of a modern gentleman?

Opening the door for your lady still holds the first place in the gentleman’s list, although in 2010 women failed to mention paying date bills. Instead they picked out such habits as being invariably polite, carrying the woman’s bags for her and handing over coats when it turns cold.

Being honest and recognizing private boundaries were the gentleman’s psychological features, and helping around the house was cited for gentlemen-husbands (or probably not only!). These necessities come in the list even before paying compliments.

Quite a lot of women don’t get this kind of treatment nowadays, not from their husbands or boyfriends.

Only 10 per cent of women have car doors opened for them, and less than fifty per cent have their bags carried by their male companions.

More than a third of the ladies involved said they craved for some gentlemanly treatment, most of them actually broached this issue with their partner.

The majority of the men involved denied behaving in an ungentlemanly fashion – after which they asked the female researcher to see about their tea.

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