How to Estimate Your Divorce Risk


According to British scientist, a divorce risk can be estimated.  It is covered in the article published in an issue of Psychological Science. The authors of the article believe the most unreliable partners for marriage are those who have to communicate a lot with other people in their line of work.

Woman and Man Angry at Each Other

Psychologists estimated ballet dancers, massage therapists and bartenders face the greatest divorce risk (more than 40 percent).  The same risk group also includes nurses and psychiatrists. Secretaries, cooks and mathematicians have their divorce risk at just 20 percent. They are followed by teachers, fire fighters and writers with 16 percent. Court staff and morticians have the risk at 12 percent, while dentists, orthopedists and clergy risk losing their family just in 2 percent of cases.

Professions largely associated with providing care for other people adversely affect the relationship between man and woman, the study authors report. This happens because people of such professions spend a lot of efforts and energy caring for other people, at the expenses of family relationships. Another reason is that such professions are typically picked up by very sensitive people who are more emotional in personal relationships.

The scientists also calculated a formula to determine the divorce risk depending on the profession of one of the partners. The formula is easy. You take the number of divorced partners within a profession and then divide it by the number of adults less people who were never married.

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