Erotic Capital Is More Important Than Beauty


Beauty isn’t enough to ensure success in life, what you need is “erotic capital”, the UK sociologists claim. Catherine Hakim, a doctor of sociology at the London School of Economics, explains that erotic capital comprises sexual competence, liveliness and excellent social skills.


Sociologists say Madonna can serve as a benchmark for erotic capital. With her average voice, gap teeth, caterpillar eyebrows and the trucker’s arms, Madonna is one of the most successful and appealing women on the planet. Lack of beauty can be a strong drive for personal achievement. People who are not naturally blessed with attractive appearance tend to develop qualities that help them stay on top as they grow older. Acclaimed beauty Uma Thurman says that beauty won’t be always there so we need to develop intelligence, self-confidence and social skills. Sociologists also observed that people with higher erotic capital are more likely to keep their job or get a new one in bad economy.

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