DNA Test to Help Find Love


Forget about character compatibility or compatibility according to astrological signs. In the today’s world of romantic dates, it is high technology that matters, and partners can already be found on the basis of DNA analysis.


ScientificMatch dating website relies strictly on the scientific ground. Former British engineer Erik Holzl, who founded the portal, reports on the study, proving that DNA had a direct impact on human relations, because we are “subconsciously looking for a partner with compatible genes.” Therefore, the choice of a boyfriend or girlfriend according to the DNA analysis is taken for granted.

It is this that ScientificMatch deals with. This service provides its users with the opportunity to take their own DNA tests that can be done on the basis of saliva samples for 29 pounds. The information obtained from the test is used to find the perfect partner. To an impartial person, the idea seems to be eccentric, but the number of the website users is growing rapidly.

According to the founder of the site, the human body automatically feels the immunity of other people, and so we pick ideal spouses for ourselves. But sometimes this search lasts for years and decades. The website also simplifies the task. However, genetic compatibility does not necessarily mean psychological or sexual compatibility. But in this respect, the Englishman uses a variation of the popular proverb: love will come to those who can wait!