Dating Tips for Shy People


Easy-going people do have the spark instrumental for engaging with others more easily, drawing people’s attention, socializing brightly. Those who are on the shy side are certainly likely to look paler in comparison. They may feel inadequate to the situation, and believe that dating is something difficult for them, or even stressful. Yet there is no good reason why shy people should consider themselves inferior daters. There are some tips that can help them feel more in the picture!

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But before taking in the good advice remember the very first thing that ought to be a must in dating – for all kinds of people! – is keeping an open and positive frame of mind. Look upon dating as a thrilling way to spend time, not as an assessment interview. Once you give in to negative emotions, everything will fall apart. Stay positive, merry and bright, people are sure to feel your vibes and like to have you around.

1. Keep smiling and put on a friendly act

A smile shows everybody that you are friendly and ready to converse and accept other people. It is so basic and fetching that by merely smiling you can attract a lot of people and miss them when you’re frowning.

Think for yourself whether, when you notice someone good-looking to whom you take, you will be able to approach the person more readily if he or she has a smile on the face or if they look non-committal.

Correspondingly, if you are addressed suddenly and are momentarily at a loss for a suitable response, you can always smile and thus keep the ball rolling.

2. Build up confidence gradually

Shyness is often an outward evidence of doubtfulness, low self-confidence. Dating is an excellent opportunity for building up your confidence in yourself step by step.

The time to start is the time before you go out on a date. Do everything that can make you feel more self-confident, like purchasing new clothes or donning your favorite ones, doing things to your hair or just indulging in something you enjoy.

This way you will come out feeling good and better prepared to tackle everything that may come up during the date.

3. Choose a comfortable meeting place

Some people habitually opt for a café or a restaurant as the venue for meetings, and it’s highly likely you will be suggested a meeting place like that, but you don’t have to agree. If you believe you will feel better walking with your date in a park or driving out to the country, say so and be prepared to discuss possibilities. Or explain that you will feel more at ease in a quiet place and allow your date to decide where it will be.

4. Find nice people online

It’s all right for talkative people to keep a cheerful conversation going, but it may be an arduous task for more reserved people. Therefore it’s a good idea to start socializing with people online where you can chat at your leisure without the pressure of face-to-face conversation. It’s easier to start to like people when you feel you can respond at your own pace, having as much time to think over your replies as you need. You don’t have to be flustered! Moreover, you will be feeling far more confident in your own environment and will be able to create a better impression. You can chat more freely sans numerous – and often unexpected – distractions that can pester you when you are asked out.

5. Rope your friends in

If you are much too shy to rely on yourself, why not invite your good friend who knows you well and can tell you how to smooth over the points that stymie you. Ask them to explain you in detail how they send signals that they like somebody, set about drawing people in and keeping up the relationship. Armed with their advice you will feel encouraged.