7 Smart Relationship Tips for Girls


Truth is, even the best of girls may earn the title of “crazy” after a broken-up relationship. When men get irritated or understand their girls no longer, they are apt to use words like “psycho” or “crazy” on them. Well- or badly- earned, they sometimes stick.


But if you sit down, think it over and take a few steps, you can knock the bottom out of such accusations and behave so that no-one will think of referring to you as “crazy.” Anyway, the advice is good!

1. Don’t neglect your own life

If you are fond of your boyfriend, it is only natural that you should want to be with him as much as you can. Still, it would be really crazy (or seem so) to give up your own concerns, hobbies and devotions. Your boyfriend doesn’t really want to feel that your life revolves around him; it may be flattering for a while, but when it comes down to it, men go for independent women who are a batter catch since they are harder to keep compared to women who stick around. So, don’t omit your workouts, see your friends and go out – this way you will make him want you even more. A crazy attitude is the one where men feel that you are too dependent on them.

2. Don’t encroach on his life away from you

The majority of men are subconsciously afraid of getting stifled by relationships. They believe that women are out to eliminate their freedom and set boundaries. Sometimes they flaunt their desire to meet up with boys only to show that they still have their independence. Of course at times like these you may feel disappointment and frustration because he is having fun away from you. But you know that it is perfectly normal, and the best bet is to encourage him in this when he feels like breaking apart for a while. He will know that you trust him and don’t grudge him having good time.

3. Control your irritation

If you started off on an argument, don’t fly off the handle and come down on him like a ton of bricks! So many people don’t keep their anger in check, that’s why this ability is much appreciated. No matter how you communicate – face to face, by text or on the phone, take a deep breath and calm down before you are out with something that may be resented. If you learn to do it, you will find out that you will never regret that you have checked yourself in time and haven’t done anything rashly.

4. You get no response from him

Are you likely to think that if you draw no immediate response from your boyfriend, he is flirting with someone else or deliberately ignoring you? That’s an unsubstantiated conclusion. Don’t give in to bad thoughts too easily. Your boyfriend can be busy in a hundred perfectly legitimate ways, and it’s up to you not to go spoiling things for him! Unless it’s something serious, he doesn’t have to respond immediately or offer explanations on his bended knees why he was so remiss. If you start showering him with further messages demanding a response straightaway, you will be acting in the “crazy” mode, and probably get an irate response instead of an explanation. Don’t follow it up and wait until he resurfaces, let life flow naturally!

5. Don’t indulge in accusations

You have reasons to suspect him of untoward behavior? You heard rumors that he had been out with another girl or you found out that he hadn’t been where he said he had? OK, you wonder, but why start with accusations when you can ask him sweetly what made him change his plans. Accusations bring on an instant desire to defend oneself, and if they are untrue, it can lead up to a long hard fight. Let them compare you with other women’s behavior in such a situation and decide that you act fairly and with due respect. Eventually, you don’t want a reputation of one too ready with assumptions and reproaches.

6. Don’t let future cloud your present

When you’re into a good relationship, naturally you will be wanting a sparkler to assure you that you are loved until the end of time. Love fantasies seem to be an integral part of a woman’s life – the more so if your female friends have advanced further than you did. Although it’s perfectly understandable, it is not a good move to pester your boyfriend about the future; sometimes it’s wise not to even mention it. Better focus on having an enjoyable present. That will make your man more eager to propose to you in the due time.

7. Say what you mean

Another “crazy” trait is to change your mind as often as you have a mood change. If men never know where they are with you, it puts them out. Don’t go saying decisive things like “I never want to see you again” and then behave as though you didn’t say it. You make yourself out indecisive and weak; he will stop listening to what you say because he will know that you don’t really mean it. Finally he won’t be afraid of losing you. If you made a strong move, stick to it – it may land you in a hot soup, but you will be better respected in the end. Make up later instead of backing down if you said something disruptive which you didn’t actually mean.

When you’re in a relationship, you’re already committed to one another, and one of the “crazy” things in life is keeping the other party reminded ceaselessly of what he (or she) ought to do under the obligation. Tranquility and trust will fare you much better and may even keep your relationship in good shape for years to come, while crazy outbreaks are sure to result in dissatisfaction for both parties.