5 Worst Relationship Mistakes


Check yourself and be sure you do not make any of these five critical mistakes in a relationship.


1. The principle of automatism

It is a mistake to think that once you are together, everything will now happen automatically.

Look around you, everything in nature is either exposed to destruction due to external forces or gets self-destructed. The same happens with a relationship. If one or both partners cease to invest in it, the gap is inevitable.

2. Sugar principle

It is a mistake to be totally committed to your man, forgetting about other areas of life. The beloved man and the relationship are just a part of your interests, but not everything you need.

A woman should have her personal territory, hobbies, passions, desires, etc. Otherwise there will be a classic situation with sacrificing the best years of one’s life, while the partner keeps living in his own world.

3. The principle of freezing

It is a mistake to stop developing, learning new things and improving yourself.

Our world is dynamic, and if you stay frozen at the same level, you will immediately be overtaken by the faster ones. You need to be interesting to a man, and the best way to do it is to always learn new things, live with some interest, etc.

4. The principle of weights

It is a mistake to tie a man, depriving him of personal space.

Re-read the previous points and try to understand that a man must develop, have some freedom and live his own life, not just be totally devoted to the relationship. If a man is not able to combine personal freedom and fidelity in a relationship, think twice whether you need him?

5. The principle “everyone thinks only about themselves”

It is important to create common space in a relationship. One should necessarily have something that unites the couple on three levels: emotional, intellectual and physical.

As you may understand, we are not talking about children, an apartment or a dog.

Think right now what you can do to strengthen your relationship – and do it!