16 Simple Ways to Bring More Fun to Your Married Life


With so many marriages crumbling down and petering out in divorces, people begin to feel that the institution is no longer as potent as it was, and needs to be renovated if it is to be expected that it won’t grow into a complete failure in the foreseeable future.


Even monogamy is regarded by many as a dying notion.

While there are reasons to consider the marriage institution as shaking badly, to uphold the idea that it is past any reinvention would probably be a hasty decision. Are we sure that we know – and employ successfully in practice – all its basic principles rather than half expect it to go bad on us almost from the beginning? That looks more like an excuse why we only watch marriages flounder helplessly.

Of course, we can’t all designate ourselves as marriage professionals, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t complete a short training course on a perfect marriage – or, at least, leaf through the textbook.

tic-tac-toe-love-win-chalk-relationships-datingPlan periodic outings. You can explore an unfamiliar district of your city, go over to a nearby town you haven’t been to yet, or get to a neighboring historic place. There are sure to be pre-scheduled local events that you can miss while busy with your routine affairs – learn about them and choose the ones you like.

  • Support your union by kissing regularly – make it a habit kissing when separating or meeting, getting in or out of the car, or simply when you feel like kissing. Let both of you remind each other of your feelings through kisses.
  • Hold each other’s hand whenever you can – walking, driving, going out to a store, sitting at home or in a theater watching flicks. Have you had words? It shouldn’t prevent you from holding hands, should it really?
  • Adding to the excellent habit of kissing and holding hands, say “I love you” when it seems in place, write in on the little notes you leave for each other.
  • Regard your fun time together very seriously – set aside time for your mutual enjoyment and entertainment. It could be whatever you enjoy: mountain biking, playing at Lucky Nugget casino or cooking together.
  • Discuss the movies you both want to see, stock up on snacks, ensconce yourselves on the couch and watch them on a regular basis.
  • Invite your friends to monthly “Game nights.” Fun, laughter, comradeship and competition make a good mixture for bonding.
  • Go back to the time you dated: the painstaking choice of clothing, sprucing yourself up, buying new scents to turn yourself out to perfection. Are you past it now? Revive the past and invite your spouse for a date you will show up at at your very best. Say goodbye to your age in this marvelous evocative evening.

love-dating-relationships-couple3Need some more romance? Below are more ideas:

  • Keep reminding your spouse how much you appreciate them for a reason or just because.
  • Have you bought a gift for your important other? Let them find it by drawing a map leading to the place where you hid it.
  • Exchange light-hearted, tender and sexy texts during the day while you are apart.
  • Prepare duet songs when you go out to enjoy some karaoke.
  • Stop the car in a secluded spot and make a hot rendezvous.
  • Start learning the language you have always wanted to learn and write flirting letters to each other in the language.
  • Hire the best car you can get, dress in your best clothes and drive to paint the town red.

love-dating-relationships-coupleAnd the basic relationship tips stay the same:

  • Thank one another for small services.
  • Be always open and honest even if you have to brace yourself for it.
  • Mind you always look good.
  • Think twice before you speak.
  • If you are in a problem situation, learn to keep silent.
  • Let kindness be your motto.
  • Be intimate and passionate out of the bedroom as well.
  • It’s not only about marriage. Cultivate your friends and co-workers.
  • Keep generating mutual dreams and get engaged in small adventures when you find them!