Would You Wear Peacock Eyelashes?


When a girl’s got a job to do the importance of eyework is paramount, and if the eyes are enhanced with a striking eyelash design, the chances of success grow sky-high. There are ways and ways to make your eyelashes mightily eloquent – like those LED lashes that scream for a comparison of a girl with an Audi. You sure can strike down a lot of guys with those, but girls, we have a choice.

Peacock Eyelashes

A highly noteworthy competitor for a more effective eye-laser job is those new “Peacock Eyelashes” that are a decent imitation of peacock feathery with the color flamboyant. In addition they gleam when touched by light and look doubly exotic and glamorous. A little adhesive goes a long way towards sending waves of colorful charm around! Sounds thrilling to try on for a night out. Are you in?

Peacock Eyelashes


Source of the image: Gizmodiva, M.jalopnik.