Women Ashamed of Their Faces without Makeup?


The mere idea of being seen with no makeup on stirs up such a welter of emotions in British women that many of them will never allow it to transpire, as has been revealed by a study conducted by Superdrug.

Woman, makeup

The survey that encompassed 3,000 UK beauties concluded that one out of three ladies – which comes to a matter of about 8 million – wouldn’t even think of stepping out without making their faces first.

60% insist on wearing their war paint every day even if they have no special occasion scheduled or are going to meet somebody they would like to impress.

30% will do their faces before going out shopping even if they are just stopping by the store round the corner for a couple of trifling buys.

10% of women said that their boyfriend would never see them with their faces not done up, even if it entails sleeping in make-up.

Superdrug’s spokesperson in the comment called make-up “a great confidence booster” that is an important procedure for every woman, helping them to accentuate what they deem best in their appearance while playing down the blemishes… Otherwise they may feel absolutely horrified!

Source of the image: Photl.