New Year's Video by Dior


Dior Fashion House is celebrating the New Year holiday with a special video presenting fragrant pink buds and tender air skirts from the brand’s collections in their full splendor.

The video greeting recreates the most touching stories of Dior’s creativity. Its birthplace was the estate of Vaux-le-Vicomte palace near Paris, dating back to the 17th century. The heroes of the video series appear in the entourage of the royal interiors accompanied by the symbolic items of the brand, that have forever inscribed the names of Christian Dior and his successors in the history of world fashion and their homeland, France. These items include a bottle of J’Adore fragrance, Lady Dior handbags, and traditional new look silhouettes.

Let us remind you that the greatest French fashion house sees the new 2013 year in together with its creative director Raf Simmons, who managed to pose himself as a worthy successor to the legacy of the brand and has been continuing its glorious deeds for the last 12 months, despite the attacks of critics.