Metallic Effect in Makeup Line Chrome Collection by Bobbi Brown


Fall makeup line Chrome Collection by Bobbi Brown inspires to create elegant, understated and grown-up looks. The look of Chrome Collection by Bobbi Brown is this season’s hit smokey eyes along with neutral lips.

Bobbi Brown Makeup

The highlight from the collection is a palette that seems to contain everything you need for creating a new look. 10 eyeshadow colors (just for smokey eyes) and 4 lip glosses. All in one, as the saying goes.

For the lips, the palette has the following colors:

  • Pink Mist Shimmer Lip Gloss
  • Winter Bronze Glitter Lip Gloss
  • Berry Glitter Lip Gloss
  • Chrome Pink Shimmer Lip Gloss

And ten colors for the eyes with fantasy names. There are polar ice and moonlight, classic foil metallic and storm cloud… almost all hues of grey.

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow

Brush Set in a special pouch is a must-have in the collection.

Bobbi Brown Brush Set

You can’t do without lipstick! Three new metallic colors fully convey the look of Chrome Collection be Bobbi Brown.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick

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