Men Don’t Find Makeup-free Women Attractive


When guys say that girls look more beautiful without makeup, they lie, according to developers of mobile applications for Internet dating.


Zoosk conducted a study to find out if men really like the natural look of women without makeup.

They analyzed 1200 women’s profiles and men’s response to them. Women who wore makeup got a lot more proposals than makeup-less ones.

The most effective signal for men is eye makeup. If a woman makes up her eyes, she gets 139% more offers. Girl with lipstick are luckier than without it, they get 119% more offers. In addition, rouge increases the chances for a date by 24%.


  1. I’m a guy and this site angers me , because your telling women that they shouldn’t go without make up because men won’t find them attractive that’s bull shit and women should be confident in there natural beauty

  2. I’m exactly the opposite, women without makeup seem more attractive to me.Good point Buster.

    • Zac, just keep in mind that she won’t be able to wear makeup 24/7 (when she’s sleeping, swimming, coming out of the shower, etc.) You should actually look for natural beauties, because you may be disappointed when the makeup comes off. And contrary to what you may think, there are many girls out there without makeup that are drop-dead gorgeous. For instance, Antonia Iacobescu is a perfect example. Even without makeup she is beautiful. Also, before guys all try to pick the perfect woman, they should analyze their own looks before striving too far. I mean, I see so many women that are solid 9s or 10s, and for some reason the guys they decide to settle for are at most 7s. And, not trying to say all men are shallow, but it is interesting to see that most young men will only strive for 10s, and if they can’t get that, they’ll settle for the next best thing even though they themselves are no better than a 6. So some men just need to learn to find their, how to put it, equals.

  3. We are telling about the results of a study conducted by Zoosk, it doesn’t represent our opinion. We believe every woman is beautiful just as she is, without makeup. But, unfortunately, not all men agree with it.

  4. The headline here is quite a declaration Daria. This site is all about selling corporate beauty; and Zoosk is all about on line dating so there’s the demographic and value system. Your article takes a position based on what a few men said on a “survey” by Zoosk. Hardly newsworthy unless your are trying to promote that very value system. $$$

    We came on this while we were doing our own survey and googled “beautiful women” and we were horrified though not too surprised that Image after image is the product of a certain kind of beauty that SELLS a certain kind of beauty …and a very expensive “lie”at that.

    Sub-search “Naturally Beautiful Women” and it was a little better, our first click was the image of the girl in this article… because she is beautiful and REAL.

    What a disappointment to find that she was used as the bait for this. Clunk.

    This article is an outrage and a slant to promote make up. Sorry. Read it.

    Developers of internet dating apps are not the boss.

    We agree with Buster and Michael.

    Robot fans like Zac can get in line.

  5. I have an idea. Why don’t you all mind your own damn business. As a woman, I don’t care what men find attractive. If I wear makeup it’s for ME. My very existence is not predicated​ on what a man might find alluring. If he doesn’t like it then he doesn’t have to look at me! How about that?!

  6. I’mma just state the obvious- on a superficial level, yes, women are more attractive with make-up. The dating world starts off with superficial levels of attraction, for both men and women alike. Even many animals have visual “tricks” to attract a mate. Once a man falls in love with a woman for who she is, then he’ll find her more attractive without make-up. Similarly, he also likely finds the women he loves as friends and family more attractive without make up.

  7. The obvious flaw here is that men were asked to respond to pictures rather than people. We have are conditioned to accept and expect a certain amount of enhancement in a photograph- face to face is an entirely another story. The photos we take of ourselves have become unrealistic, filtered fantasies- but those Instagram brows do not look the same in natural light from 3 feet away.

    And let’s not even begin to talk about the sheet irrelevancy of the premise of this article: do women still care what men do and do not prefer when it comes to making decisions about their day-to-day appearance- and by extension, lifestyle and routine? I hope not!

  8. Wow, stating the obvious now aren’t we? Of course most girls are hotter with makeup, that’s the whole point. Why would I wear eye liner if it made me uglier?

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