New Lipgloss Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss 2010


Dior Innovation Center restlessly improves and updates Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss – lipgloss, which delivers exceptional features: effective glow, volume, and beautiful palette of shades with special effect of unbelievably light veil. The new product will become available for sale on April 1, 2010.

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss

New lipgloss from Dior is a truly exceptional accomplishment:

  • New ” moisturizing” texture is light, not waxy, and not slippery
  • Ultra-volume and ultra-glow are delivered thanks to the innovative complex Spotlight Shine: glass micro-pearls with crystalline elixir coating, which has very unique refractive properties.
  • Ultra-popular palette includes 18 shades Haute Couture, which are remarkably expressed in 3 different palettes: Glow, Pearl, and Flash.

Glow effect palette contains bluntly pure shades with the ”second-skin” effect; the colors are very light, add glow, and deliver perfect beige or pink shades, or plump lips effect.

  • 216 Beige Dentelle/ Lace Beige
  • 236 Orange Satin/ Satin Peach
  • 247 Rose Coquette/ Pink Flirt
  • 256 Rose Déshabillé/ Negligee Pink
  • 652 Bois de Rose Coquin/ Mischievous Rosewood
  • 522 Mordoré Privé/ Intimate bronze

Pearl effect palette contains very soft and delicate shades:

  • 157 Rose twin Set/ Twin Set Pink
  • 436 Capeline Abricot/ Apricot Cloche
  • 556 Corail Fantaisie/ Coral Fantasy
  • 576 Rose Sari/ Sari Pink
  • 257 Rose Trench/ Pink Trench
  • 267 Rose Cache-Cœur/ Cashmere Pink

Flash effect palette carries bright, daring, and ultra-sparkling colors:

  • 662 Grenadine Extravagant/ Extravagant Grenadine
  • 686 Fuschia Indécent/ Outrageous Fuchsia
  • 856 Rouge Fourreau/ Little Red Dress
  • 557 Rose Empire/ Empire Pink
  • 732 Orange Bolero/ Orange Bolero
  • 982 Black-Tie Prune/ Black-Tie Plum

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