3 Ways Your Beauty Routine Drives Up Your Energy Bills


Achieving the beauty look you desire is hard work, and you often spend close to an hour (or more!) in the bathroom. That hour spent in the bathroom leaves you looking gorgeous, but it’s also causing your energy bill to go up. Some of your beauty practices, like long showers and using hair appliances, drain energy and cost you every month. A few lifestyle changes will keep you looking great while helping you reduce the amount of energy you consume.

Your Showers Are Too Long

If your showers are long, hot, and frequent, you’re wasting a lot of energy. Your hot water heater has to maintain the hot temperature of the water sitting in the heater’s reservoir. Every time you empty it, the heater works hard to warm more water for you. If you consistently use up this hot water, you use up a bunch of energy.

You have several options. First, turn down your hot water heater by a few degrees. Accustom yourself to warm, not hot, showers. Cooler water is better for your skin because hot water dries it out. Second, try washing your hair every other day, or every third day. Between hair washes, take quick showers during which you simply soap up your body and rinse. Most people’s hair adapts very well to less frequent washes; it’s often fuller and healthier as a result.

You Leave Your Hair Appliances Plugged In

Hair dryers, curlers, and straighteners use up a lot of electricity. Most of us plug them in, let them heat up as we do something else like makeup, and come back when they’re nice and hot. If you use one of these items every day in your beauty routine, that’s using a lot of energy, too.

If you’re not washing your hair each day, then you might be able to get away with not curling or straightening it the second and third day. Try practicing some up-dos for those in-between days so you don’t need to turn on those hair appliances. Ponytails and buns always look professional and will emphasize your cheekbones and neck. Dry shampoo is an amazing invention for people with greasy hair, by the way.

You Use Old Lightbulbs in the Bathroom

Those lighted Hollywood mirrors are great for doing makeup because you can see every plane of your face in great detail. But using incandescent bulbs means your bathroom lighting is kicking up your energy bills each month. Try swapping your incandescents for LED bulbs. You can also use CFL bulbs, but LEDs are the best idea. These bulbs used to cast unflattering light, but today you can get them in many hues, and you’ll be able to achieve bathroom lighting that makes your skin look amazing and helps you put that makeup on your face flawlessly.

Take time to develop a new energy routine. Try cutting a few minutes on your next shower, or practicing a new hair up-do when you don’t have anywhere to be. Within a few months, you’ll be an old pro at this new beauty routine that saves you energy and lessens your carbon footprint.