3 Tips on Choosing Eye Makeup Shades


Thinking about their own image, many girls think only about the dress and hairstyle, forgetting about the true beauty that is in the eyes. The task of makeup is to highlight their uniqueness and accentuate them.


Using the services of a makeup artist and spending lots of time in front of the mirror, remember about the harmony that you should have in colors. There are several ways to choose the perfect color palette.

1. Makeup & Outfit Colors

Your makeup should match the color scheme of the outfit. However, you should not be restricted to blue eye shadows only, if your dress is of azure color. Study the color palette (in the picture), paying attention to what colors look nice together. In order to do this, use the color wheel which can help you get the best combination of neighboring and opposite colors. Green will look great with the brown and gold colors, and red will match crimson and purple tones.

2. Eye Color & Makeup Shades

Take into account the color of the eyes because the eye shadows should not merge with the eyes, but rather emphasize them. For example, blue-eyed girls should avoid green and heavenly shades of makeup. They should choose bronze and brown tones. Play on contrasts!

3. Define the Eyes with an Eyeliner

As for the arrows, their mission is simple. Arrows are draw in order to correct the shape of the eye, as well as visually give volume to the lashes. Unfortunately, many people forget about this fact, drawing black lines of any length and thickness and distorting the facial features.