Extreme Weight Loss Trick from Venezuela

Thanks to this weight loss method, the patient significantly reduces food consumption and prefers only liquid products.

Weight loss

The methodology was first tested in 2009 in Venezuela. The surgeon attaches a special patch to the tongue, applying it with six stitches. As a result, the patch makes the consumption of solid food painful, forcing the patients to choose liquid foods.

The method is considered super-efficient, while some people are losing up to 15 kilos per month. However, this diet has side effects. Patients experience pain and problems with speech and sleep. Consuming solid foods is impossible indeed. Those who have tested the method are very happy. They believe that such suffering is better than being overweight.

The maximum period during which you can wear a patch is a month. Thus, you get a monthly Venezuelan liquid diet.

Hospitals in Venezuela successfully perform surgeries to implant the patch in the tongue. The procedure costs only $150, as opposed to Los Angeles, where the same surgery is made for $2,000. Would you dare to try this method in order to look slim?

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