10 Steps How to Apply Evening Makeup


You already know how to apply day makeup step by step, and you know what follows what. Now we will tell you how to apply evening makeup (for example, for a party), what the sequence of your actions should be, what makeup product should be used first, and what product comes last.

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1. Brows

This will be a kind of a frame for the eyes which can help determine the amount of eye makeup. It is better to use crispy eye shadows of the desired tone or special shadows for eyebrows. They are applied with a flat pointed brush.

2. Eye Shadow

The best makeup you can do is Smoky. Powder eye shadows are the most suitable ones because they are easier to blur than cream shadows. Eye makeup for rich evening makeup should be done before applying the powder – to be able to correct the crumbled shadows.

3. Eye Liner

Choose a stable liquid liner, which will last throughout the night and will not lose its brightness.


4. Mascara

Apply two layers of volume mascara.

5. Napkins

Use napkins to remove the crumbled products from your face. You can use special napkins for removing makeup, or any moisturizing baby napkins.

6. Foundation, Concealer, Corrector

Make sure that the foundation is applied on the neck, too. Use the corrector to conceal problem areas (dark circles under the eyes, acne, blood vessels).

7. Powder

Powder makes the face look matte.

Powder for makeup

8. Bronzer

Highlight the cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin with a bronzer powder. It is better to use the round Kabuki brush, which can apply crispy products evenly and with a single motion.

9. Powder Rouge

Add color to the cheeks. Do this before using the lipstick to make it easier to choose the intensity of your lipstick color.

10. Lipstick

Move away from the mirror, look at the face from some distance, and you will be able to determine how much color the lips require. Maybe, you will choose nude lips. The exception might be the makeup, when you choose “vamp” or bright red lips. You will have to start with lips then to make sure the eyes makeup will look nice together with the bright lipstick. After applying all the makeup, you should go back to the lips and make sure they are not covered with particles of foundation and powder.

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