Don’t Try to Escape these 4 Team Building Benefits of Escape Rooms


Tired of boring team-building exercises that are completed at the office or place of business? Escape those common team-building tasks and bring your employees to a local Escape Room! You’ve heard about these games as they’ve recently become more and more popular. They’re a whole lot of fun to complete with friends and family, but they also work splendidly as a team-building experience. So grab your employees and your best detective hat! Try to escape from any room theme you choose while building teamwork.

Here are 4 team-building benefits of escape rooms.

1. Encourages Goal Setting

To escape the room, all members must work towards completing a common goal: solve the mystery. Your employees will need to work with one another to reach that goal. This is similar to when employees within different departments set goals and then need to work together to reach them. First, they should determine the main goal. Then, they should agree on how to reach the goal. They should hear one another out and make adjustments to their plans accordingly. Once everyone comes to an agreement, it’s time to escape!

2. Forces Communication

Escape Rooms force communication amongst employees. Your employees are placed in one small room together and must rely on their communication skills to escape. When engaging in an Escape Room, communication is key. It’s not just about escaping the room. It’s about escaping the room within a certain amount of time. To escape the room on time, you can see where communication plays a large role.

This is true in the office as well. To have a properly functioning workspace, all employees must communicate effectively. This experience will teach them how to do just that. For example, if one employee has trouble opening up to coworkers and communicating with them, this team-building exercise will help break the ice.

3. Resolves Conflict

There might be conflicts in the office or place of business that you either know about or don’t. Either way, this team-building exercise is a great way to resolve those conflicts. Because everyone is forced to communicate and work with one another, your employees will learn how to work with everyone even if there’s conflict.

It’s a great bonding experience and because they have to help each other to escape, past conflicts become resolved. You should also take this as an opportunity to see how your employees deal with conflict and how they resolve them. Not everyone will agree with the plan to escape. Some might want to go a different route or believe that finding clues is better done using a different approach. See how they work with one another to resolve any conflicts. And be sure that they learn from it as well.

4. Develops Leadership Skills

Engaging in Escape Rooms is a great way to build leadership skills. Team leaders can use this experience to strengthen their leadership skills and find positive ways of thinking. It also encourages open-mindedness. Leaders will need to have an open mind about different ways to reach that common goal to solve the mystery and escape the room. They should also be ready to come up with new ideas, make decisions, and delegate tasks to other employees to escape the room in time. This is true when working and reaching goals for the company.

When signing up for an Escape Room experience, don’t even try to escape without building solid teamwork. It’s nearly impossible to complete the activity without building teamwork and bonding with your staff and coworkers. Want more information on relationships and jobs and careers? Visit with us daily and browse our blogs!