Layout Lament – How to Redesign Your Interiors From the Ground Up

Are you looking to completely revamp your home? Perhaps you’re getting a little bored of your decor and are in search of something that will truly inject some new life into your space. Whatever the case, when it comes to redesigning your interiors from the ground up, there are a number of tried and tested tips that you can look forward to. In this article, we look at everything you’ll need to know to transform your space from drab to fab – so grab a cuppa and read on to find out more!

1. Start From The Ground Up

When it comes to redecorating, one of the biggest areas of space you can play with is your flooring. Interior decorators in Melbourne say that one of the ways you truly add some depth and dimension to your space is by investing in some quality rugs and carpets that will bring a pop of design and colour into any living space. When it comes to area rugs, there is a number for you to choose from ranging from Shags, Oriental Rugs, Persian Carpets or simpler options, such as flatweave rugs. Whatever your choice, choose one that really brings your design vision to life. Rugs are a fantastic way to connect spaces or create visual pathways in your home without much effort at all. They are also a fantastic way to tie your design together, so go crazy when it comes to covering your floors in some eye-popping rugs.

2. It Doesn’t All Have To Be Expensive!

When looking to redecorate your space, we often recommend mixing high and low price points. Pedigree doesn’t always mean its better, whether that be for rugs, paintings or accessories. Sure, you’ll want to invest in some quality pieces, but we also recommend thinking out of the box and heading to thrift stores or second-hand sales to purchase some items that whilst aren’t “fancy” in price range, could offer you an amazing aesthetic when tied in with your more refined pieces. All interior decorators will tell you that the perfect design is one that reflects your personality and your style, so don’t be scared to mix up some cheaper items amongst your collection of prized furniture and fittings.

3. Pick A Harmonious Colour Scheme

Colour plays a vital part in telling your design story. Are you looking to bring the sandy shores of Waikiki into your living room? Or perhaps you’re going for a modern, minimalistic theme. Regardless of your vision, choosing the right colour scheme to turn your dream into reality is a vital part of the interior design process. When choosing the right paints for your home, we suggest sticking to a colour scheme – proper paint harmoniously connects different rooms, so consider the house as a whole. We suggest taking paint samples and observing them in various lighting conditions to get a better understanding of how it looks throughout the day. Once you’re satisfied with your selection, splash a couple of coats on and you’ll watch as your room instantly transforms into one that is practically unrecognisable.

4. Go Green

Every room in the home can benefit from a plant or two, so going green is one of the best options when you’re planning a complete room makeover. Plants are an inexpensive means of accessorising your space and add vibrant colour and texture to any room. Whether you choose a small potted plant to place on your coffee table or a larger indoor plant in your study, plants add natural beauty at a minimal cost. Furthermore, plants assist in improving your overall air quality in the home and add a touch of zen to any modern living space. No home should be without some wonderful greens!

5. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

You know what they say, adding mirrors to a room gives the illusion of a larger space and brings in some much-needed light to rooms that may not have as much exposure to natural daylight as you’d like. To make your space look larger, consider investing in some large mirrors that you can hang across from windows to bring in extra light into the room and give the illusion of a bigger space. For larger rooms, you can use mirrors in lieu of art to fill any empty wall space that you may have. Large or small, mirrors are a fantastic way to accessorise whilst at the same time add dimension to any room in the home.


We hope that these tips we have provided you with today have given you the inspiration you need to redesign your interiors from the ground up. With a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll bring your vision of your dream home into a reality with as little as just a few adjustments. Best of luck in your interior design endeavours!

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