Pit Bull Terrier So Nice with Chicks


Today I found something funny on YouTube – some videos showing how nice a pit bull terrier can be with chicks. Looking at these cute creatures, the way they behave, how friendly they are, one would think: why can’t people be as nice with each other?

Pitbull and Chicks

Pitbull and Chicks Swimming

Pitbull, Cat and Chicks

Pitbull and Chicks 1 Year Later


  1. Thanks for posting more evidence that Pit Bull dogs are really big softies at heart. Looks like the dog featured may have been a rescue at some point, given those cropped ears? Prepped to fight and just loves instead – when will people realise this breed is being punished for the things bad people do to them? Pit Bulls are awesome dogs and can be fabulously loyal and gentle.

    (p.s. pity the google ads on the page aren’t really contextually smart)

  2. Just because they’ve got cropped ears doesn’t mean they’re loved any less or were a ‘rescue’ because they were going to be a ‘fighting dog’.

    Thats a stupid generalization. I’ve got friends that own pits, danes and dobies with cropped ears and they love them more than anything in the world. People just have preferences on the way they like their ears.

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