Why Donating Used Cars to Charity?


You feel it’s time you got yourself a new car, and part of this process is disposing of the old one. Or maybe you just don’t want the car any more. You may not have considered it, but actually the easiest way to do it is to donate it. The first idea is naturally to sell it and return some of the price of a new car, yet, on the other hand, donating to an organization that deals with cars can hold out benefits too, according to your situation. All in all there are five solid reasons why you would be better off if you donated your no longer needed car – and saved yourself unnecessary trouble. Here they are.


#1. Selling a Car is Tough

You made up your mind to sell it? Prepare yourself for a load of trouble. It begins with advertising, so you either go to eBay and/or Craiglist, or simply hang on a sign saying For Sale where it can be easily seen from the road. After that you will have to get into contact with all sorts of freaks in your neighborhood and all over the land who will be trying to squeeze you into selling it to them for peanuts. Selling by sign on the road, well, you know. You can find your car gone, towed off, vandalized, or no attention paid to it for a long time. Selling is a long and tedious business.

#2. Donate Car for Tax Credit

You give some of your money away to charity? Probably you might find it worth your while to donate things like cars and keep the money. This way you can be regarded as even more charitable than usual – if your charity accepts cars and other vehicles, they just take it off your hands, and you have no further problems. Such organizations also make an appraisal of your car and can give you a receipt for some private party value if it doesn’t exceed $5,000. You may have to bring in an independent appraiser if your old car is more expensive, but it’s no big worry.

#3. Donating a Car Is Better Than Repairing

Your car isn’t in a perfect state? Then your chances of selling it with any profit are dropping down to nil if you try to sell it as it is on the market. You will get fewer responses. Those who will respond will insist on having a mechanic go over it, taking it for a drive, and finally try to knock down the price as much as they can, with you to go through the whole of it for no pleasure or benefit. Whereas if you donate the car, the organization will take care of repairs – and include the improvements in tax receipts. You’re free and avoid getting creases on your forehead over it forever.

#4. Donating Car to Charity Is Easy and Fast

Once you’ve hit on the donation idea, what you have to do is just make one phone call. The organization gets your information and takes over from the scratch, and it is taken off your hands. The amount of time you save through not getting busy to meet anyone who said they might want it, dealing with contacts whom you have to share your private information with, worrying if you omitted to arrange the sale properly and may have forgotten about a receipt or taxes. From now on, everything is all right.

#5. You Can Even Donate Your Car for Kids

When it’s over, you know you have done a good deed with something you no longer need! It can also be done to your benefit, for taking your car’s worth as $5,000, it gets the same sum of charitable deductions so your tax returns also decrease. For those who have the tax bracket of 25%, the decrease will come up to the solid sum of $1,250. The difference is perceptible, but then again, such a great service to the organization is worth something, too!

Why Donating?

What if your old car will eat up a lot of money for large-scale repairs? Do you really want to throw away so much money instead of simply donating?