How to Spend the Next 52 Weeks the Most Efficient Way?


A year is really not that long – only 52 weeks. And there is so much to be done. Plus, you may have been dreaming to do something for a few years, but you do not know how to start. Just make a plan for these 52 weeks, which will not let you get off the chosen path. And we’ll help you do that.


A beginning of another year is the time of new commencements and promises. We all want the new year to be better than the previous one. This is a very good desire, but you need a well-developed plan to put it into practice. Planning every day of yours for a year in advance is long and difficult. It is possible to act otherwise. After all, a year consists of just 52 weeks. And writing a plan for these seven-day intervals can help you become smarter, richer, and more disciplined. Let’s think about what we can change during this year.

You can save a good amount of money

A cash plan for 52 weeks will help you save a good amount of money before the end of the year. The idea is simple. If you save $10 each week, you will get $520 by the end of the year. And if you save $100 or $500? Then you can easily save money to fulfill the eternal dream about a wonderful Christmas holiday. Just do not put the money into the drawer, which is easily accessible all year round. It is better to get a separate card, which you will use only once a week to deposit money. The savings will be safer, and you will feel calm.

Make a weekly plan of cleaning the house

Do not think that wet cleaning of the house will be done once a year. It should be done regularly. This refers to the household duties you have postponed. For example: during the first week, you will clean the garage; next, you will sort out your contacts (after all, it is also possible to use the word ‘cleaning’ here); then, you will move the entire furniture and clean the whole apartment; then, you will clean the closet and give away all the unnecessary things and so on. Thus, you will not get tired of routine cleaning and will do something you have been planning to do for a long time.

Cook one new dish every week

Sooner or later, cooking turns into a monotonous and boring activity. What prevents you from trying to cook a new dish or trying a new cooking technique? After all, you come across a variety of interesting recipes every day and tell yourself that you have no time to try them. Once a week, you will surely find some time. Try to cook a new dessert, grow something, cook meat not in a frying pan as you usually do, but in the oven. Invite your friends and make a barbecue, despite the winter season. You will make your menu more varied and will spend time in an interesting way.

Read one book a week

You probably have a list of the books that you have always wanted to read. Then write a plan for 52 weeks and start reading. Just imagine what amount of knowledge you will get in a year.

Go in for sports

No time for workouts? Do not lie to yourself. If you wish, you will always find enough time. Have you tried different sports, but still do not like anything? There is a great variety of sports. Just try different types of physical activity each week. Try the high bar this week. If you do not like it, go to the pool next week. Still not involved? Try go-karting a week later. Try it! Then you will really find something for yourself this year. Remember to avoid fanaticism. You’ve come to the pool to try and swim and not to sink exhausted.

Plan everything

You certainly have many desires that you have been trying to realize for years. Do you want to learn how to swim? Join a swimming pool and visit it once a week. You will surely learn to swim during 52 sessions. Don’t you know how to ride a bike? Buy a bicycle this week and spend at least an hour a week learning to ride it. You are only limited by your imagination and desire. The main thing is to make a plan and follow it.

Let’s make this year better than the previous one. You can fulfill all your desires and dreams. Write a plan for 52 weeks and follow it. Hang it in the most conspicuous place in order not to forget about it and do not look for excuses. If you do not have enough willpower, find a like-minded person, who will motivate you every week. Your life is in your hands. Do you want to change it? Then do it. You do not know where to start, do you? Write a plan and get started.