24 Awesome Facts about Left-Handed People


Many famous people in history were left-handed, from Albert Einstein and Alexander the Great to Osama bin Laden and Jack the Ripper. Here are some interesting facts about those who mainly use their left hand.


1. 10% of people are left-handed

Left-handed people live on all continents. About 10-12% of all people are left-handed.

2. Men have more chances to be left-handed

Among men, left-handed people occur more often than among women.

3. August 13th

August 13th is the International Day of left-handers.

4. Left-handers’ life expectancy

Some sources claim that left-handers live on average 9 years less than right-handed people.

5. Alcoholics, schizophrenics

Studies also show that left-handers are more likely to become alcoholics, schizophrenics or suffer from dyslexia.

6. A 40+ woman in labor

Women older than 40 years are 130% more likely to give birth to a left-handed baby than 20-year-old women. By the way, did you know, that men can also feel labor pain?


7. Prejudice

Historically, left-handedness was seen as a sign of bad habits, predisposition to neurosis, rebellion, and criminal actions.

8. Weak or broken

In English, the word “left” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “Lyft”, which means “weak or broken”.

9. Left-handers were considered outcasts in many countries


While some cultures have a positive attitude to left-handers, in many other countries they were considered outcasts.

10. The dirty left hand

In many cultures, the left hand is considered “unclean” because it is used to wipe after bowel movements.

11. Problems at school

In many countries, children are punished at school because of using their left hand.

12. A sad company

“Boston Strangler,” “Jack the Ripper” and Osama bin Laden were left-handed.

13. Brilliant left-handed people and celebrities

Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander the Great were left-handers.

14. The wisdom of nature

Approximately 50% of rats, mice and cats are “left-handed”.

15. It is not only the left hand

In addition to the left hand, dominant are also the left foot, eye and ear.

16. Gene “lrrtm1”

It was discovered that the “lrrtm1” gene determines which hand will be the leading one.

17. Left-handed people in space

Every fourth astronaut of the Apollo space program was left-handed.

18. The left and right brain hemispheres


The exchange of information between the left and right brain hemispheres in left-handers is faster. Therefore, they work better with a large amount of information and deal with multiple tasks simultaneously.

19. Looking to the right

Left-handers tend to draw figures of people whose look is directed to the right.

20. One in ten Earthlings

Researchers believe that the number of left-handers has always been about 10 percent of humanity.

21. Reversed discrimination

There are special scholarships for left-handers with high achievements.

22. Protect yourself from evil

There are two theories about the wedding rings (about why they are worn on the left hand). According to one of them, the Egyptians believed that in spite of all the shortcomings of the left hand, it should bear the ring to keep it closer to the heart. Another theory argues that the Romans wore it on their left hand to protect themselves from the evil, emanating from it.

23. Left-handed people find it easier to shift hands

Studies show that left-handers are more easily retrained to use the right hand, while right-handed people have more problems trying to use their left hand.

24. Only one percent

Only 1% of the world population can use both hands equally effectively.