8 Unexpected Uses for Baking Soda


Have you given baking soda a thought outside the kitchen? If you haven’t, it’s time you did, for baking soda is a prominent beauty product. Fetch some baking soda from the kitchen (you are sure to have much of it there) and let’s see how we can make good use of it beauty-wise.


1. Sweat inhibitor

Pour some water on the soda until you get a paste-like substance, then smear it under your arms – it will work as a good deodorant, blocking body odor and sweat outbreak.

2. Hair buildup remover

Product buildup is wont to accumulate on your hair, and baking soda offers a quick and efficient way of removing it. Just add a modicum of it into your shampoo, and you may rest assured you have gotten rid of the chemical buildup, your hair feels better and your products will also be working as they should.

3. Teeth whitener

Here’s a teeth whitening recipe from Chicago dental experts: take 1 tablespoon soda and 5 drops hydrogen peroxide, mix them in a container into a smooth paste. If necessary, you can add a few drops of water to make it smoother. Now you have your whitener, put in on a toothbrush, apply onto your teeth and let it stay there for a while. In about 5 minutes take it off with the brush with normal toothpaste and give your teeth a good rinse. Do it once a week to enjoy a lasting effect. With some people it is advisable to keep the whitener on for more than 5 minutes, but no longer than 10 so your teeth don’t become sensitive.

4. Cuticle softener

If your cuticles have started to wear badly owing to a lot of gel manicures you had, make them happy by applying a paste of soda diluted with warm water. You can treat the rest of your hands to this mixture if you made a sufficient quantity.

5. Natural exfoliant

Yes, baking soda makes a wonderful exfoliant, and you can be sure it is 100% natural! Mix it with water right in your palm and rub into your face, it will take off all your dead cells. Quick, cheap and healthy!

6. Blackheads extractor

Baking soda is an important ingredient for a mixture to be used before extracting blackheads. It isn’t a home-made recipe, mind, but one employed by professional estheticians. You want blackheads to pull out somewhat for an easier extraction, and it’s a good idea to use a blend of baking soda and distilled water with galvanic current or with steam.

Nevertheless, it’s what you can do at home without much fuss. Prepare the mixture, cleanse the skin and hold your head over steaming water. Wrap a towel over your head to keep the steam and heat around the face. After such treatment you can get down to extraction, doing it with a soft pressure of cotton-covered fingers.

7. Detox bathing

Baking soda is marvelous for preparing detox baths. Take soda, sea salt in the same amount, add an essential oil that you fancy (jasmine or lavender will do fine), and you are fitted with a great detox bath.

8. A stand-in shampoo

Here’s a quick way to obtain some dry shampoo at the snap of the fingers. Take up to a dime-size (the maximum amount if you are very oily) and smear it on your hair. Begin with a smaller amount and make it larger at need. Then comb and fluff, and you are set.