10 Problems Only Petite Women Understand


Small women do look cute. Some people may feel condescending towards the, but even they recognize the special kind of prettiness that goes with being petite. Among other, taller girls small ones seem more lively and graceful, they can ensconce themselves with great comfort on small armchairs and plane seats, they excite protective feelings in men. But it’s not all cakes and ale, though. There are quite a few aspects of life where it is tougher if you’re below average height!


  • Most shoppings end with going to the tailor. Many instructions and much money spent on shortening and trimming clothes that are always a bad fit here and there.
  • There are people who refuse to believe you’re an adult already. It’s a bore, and twice so when some guards or officials demand you show them your papers and ID and they check it looking at you with suspicion in their eyes.
  • As you try on new clothes people think you are a little girl dressing up. Especially when you have to go to the junior’s department for your dresses, jeans, and – hmm – underwear and choose a more grown-up fashion.
  • You always have sore feet because you cannot take off heels. Understandably you won’t want to wear sneakers in the hope that those around you will forget about your height for some time at least.


  • Attending movies, concerts and events is invariably disappointing: giants are all around you screening the view, so there is nothing for you but fidget and turn your head constatntly one way or another in a futile attempt to see what’s going on.
  • You can’t very well get things from top shelves. Hey, sometimes you have to pull tricks far better than those Olympic champions – even if the ladder is at your disposal.
  • You got to have those step stools all over your place. When you go shopping, you’re always on the lookout for one better than those you already have.


  • When you swim, you unexceptionally swim with kids. There are places that are quite shallow… for others, but you will never risk them. You are only safe with the young ones.
  • Did you fall for a tall guy? Sex may be rather embarrassing with your lover feeling as if he were the king of a giant land. Still, there are other moments that can make up for it.
  • People keep telling you you are undersize. Well, is it because they don’t know that you know it, or because they are so surprised that they just blurt it out? Anyway, you’d rather they didn’t.