What Your Clothes Say About You


The way we dress says a lot about us, and often our outfit will affect the way people think about us – at least on first impressions. Understanding the signals that clothes send out to others can help give you a real advantage in lots of social occasions. For instance, just as top female poker players might choose an outfit to give them an upper hand at the table, your outfit can be easily tweaked to reveal (or even hide) elements of your personality – or the one you want to convey to the outside world.

Here are some top tips on how to create an impression with your outfit:

Sunny disposition

If you want to give off friendly, open signals then go for yellows, reds and bright colours – we are in love with Bergdorf Goodman silk scarves to set off a monochrome outfit. Warm tones are thought to give off the impression of positivity, happiness, and ease. And you don’t have to kit yourself head to toe in playground yellow – simply adding a touch of warmth via a tie, scarf, socks or belt to your outfit will give off the impression of a positive, cheery outlook on life.


A sure way to exude confidence is to pick bold patterns and abstract prints. It is no great surprise that art world professionals will opt for bold designs when on show at public events. These attention-grabbing designs will make you stand out in a crowd and will help give the signal that you are confident in your style. It is thought that loud patterns will make onlookers believe you are outspoken, spontaneous and single-minded.

Be Taken Seriously

If you are going for a big job interview then go for neutrals, blacks, whites and greys and keep the outfit as simple as possible. Avoid frills, patterns, and details – or anything that could raise an eyebrow. Studies have shown that wearing an industry-standard suit is four times as likely to give off the appearance of competence, experience, and ability than jeans or more casualwear. As a rule, you can’t be too smart for a job interview – even if the role doesn’t require you to wear one, it will help give off a great impression to your potential future employers.


Floaty, loose clothing will instantly give off a more relaxed, casual signal. Clothes that have long, loose sleeves or multi-layered skirts are a sign that you don’t feel tied down by the practicalities of day-to-day life and that you enjoy clothes for what they are – decoration! People will assume you are fun, creative and spontaneous if you pick up light, flowing fabrics and clothes with extra detail and adornments.


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