How to Achieve a Perfect Career & Parenthood Balance?

The tendency for moms nowadays is to go to work rather than stay at home and enjoy the position of a housewife. According to the statistics, about 40% of American families have a working mom, with 50% of all workers throughout the country being women.

The negative side of the issue is that a mom who works full-time is laboring under a great strain. She feels torn apart between professional and family obligations. Achieving a satisfying work-home balance is not an easy task. First and foremost, it requires some good organization to ensure that both aspects of your life receive a necessary amount of attention. It can be attained through following certain principles of this kind of lifestyle.

Overcome the Feeling of Guilt

Of course working cuts down badly on your time spent with the child – but there are other compensations you can ruminate on if you start to feel bad. Apart from your earnings, you might get some benefits for your family members – or you can save up for their education.

Do It for Gender Equality

A recent study conducted by Harvard experts revealed that women growing up in a home where their moms went to work tend to get jobs more than women who grew up with their moms looking after them at home, don’t shirk from supervisory responsibility, and eventually draw higher wages. It means, working moms, that while work keeps you away from your children, you still teach them some good things about life and independence.

Make Sure Your Kids Are in Good Hands

Get references to trustworthy babysitters and nannies from people you know well. Make a round of all convenient daycare centers and make appointments with qualified care providers so you can be sure your child/children are safe in good hands. Write out your criteria of child upbringing on a sheet of paper so the people you speak to will know what you want for your kids.

Start Your Day Stress-Free

So many early morning bickers spring up because of lack of last night’s organization. If the children’s clothes have been laid out and their lunches prepared for them, there will be fewer immediate issues to be resolved in the morning with time pressing on. The same goes for the grown-up members of the family. Get a more leisurely breakfast together knowing that you are all set instead of rushing about the house looking for things.

Get Your Family Life Organized

Map out the whole of your family’s life on a calendar. Have all important dates on the wall for all to see, including the list of chores for the children, school events, family gatherings and birthdays, afterschool activities, bill-payment dates and whatever is momentous for the family. Set a spot in the vicinity of the front door where necessary things can be kept, like needful documents, keys, small change, chargers and other things you often take along when you go out. Find out how much it will increase the efficiency of the family members on the point of leaving the house.

Discuss Your Working Time with Your Employer

As you get ready to discuss your employment with the boss or the company’s HR manager, think out and write out a schedule that will be the most convenient for you. Inquire of your HR department what flexible arrangements are endorsed by the employer. If you take pains to learn beforehand if any of your co-workers are working flexible hours, it can be an advantageous bit of information for you.

Prepare alternative suggestions to show that any flexible arrangement you are proposing won’t interfere with your performance at work. Be ready to run a trial period of the working schedule you are discussing.

Think how you can make use of short-term disability, vacation time or sick leave to explain your absences from the office. Talk it through straight away so you won’t have to go through tiring arguments afterwards.

Delegate Some of Your Tasks

If there is someone who can perform your task as good as you would, opt for it! Don’t take too much upon yourself. If you’re a writer, accept using custom essay services from time to time. If you’re a cook try buying precut veggies – it would make the cooking process easier. Such little tricks will help you save your precious time and spend more of it with your family.

Talk To Your Kids during Breaks

There are ways to remain connected with the child even while you’re away. If they are grown enough, call them to discuss their day; if they are still young, you can make recordings of your reading children’s books or singing songs – or just saying things to them.

Sometimes you simply can’t make it to the schoolchild’s event – say that you are sorry in the morning and encourage them verbally, or give a small talisman for luck.

Use Your Time Efficiently

Time needs careful management. Plan phoning people when the child is fast asleep, on the other hands, set limits on working out tasks in the evenings when your spouse is at home and you can devote some time to him. Know when you can get busy multitasking and when it’s better not to because the children are about.

Set a Date with Your Husband

While you are divided between childcare and work tasks, make sure your partner doesn’t feel left out. He is your closest person and the best helper, so don’t let your relationship grow stale. Arrange regular dates to feel you two bonding, rediscover the pleasure of his company.

Organize Time for Yourself

When allotting time for everything, don’t forget about yourself. You need to recharge periodically and allow yourself to run free chasing your special interests.

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